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Human and technology: the best of both worlds

For the past twenty years, building estimation services have been completed manually. Turnaround time has always been slow, but with no alternatives, 1-2 weeks has been the norm.


Until now. 

Part of your team

Building Engineering & Design Co (BEDC) is here to disrupt traditional estimation and drive efficiencies and value for the construction industry through our leading-edge technology.

We deliver full building estimates including truss, floor and frames, utilising a combination of our custom-built technology and our team of industry experts.

We like to think of ourselves as an extension of your team, working in the background to provide an end-to-end estimation solution that feels seamless and easy. 


And our process is simple yet robust. Our team works with you to deeply understand your unique business processes, requirements and nuances so we can customise our technology to meet these. 


Within just 2 weeks, we'll have you up and running. 

Meet some of our team

Ben 2.png

Ben Powles
CEO & Founder

A passionate advocate for efficiency and technology improvement in the building industry, Ben brings more than 20 years of entrepreneurial experience and drive to the business. 


Ben focuses on blending the technology and human parts of the business to give BEDC customers a world-leading estimation service.


Michael Simbulan
Country Manager NZ - Estimation

Michael is a licensed Philippine Civil Engineer (BSc) and he has led teams on projects in India, Dubai, and England. 


Michael has been recognised multiple times during his career for outstanding contributions and leadership, and we are fortunate to have him running our NZ team.


David Seymour
Head of Quality

David has worked in some of the largest and most sophisticated frame and truss plants in Australia. He has trained users of both Mitek and Pryda software and is the guru when it come to understanding our customers' exact requirements.


Dr Zhimmin Wang
Senior Computer Vision Architect 

Zhimin is uniquely qualified to provide our customers and team with breakthrough tools and systems to improve the estimation process.


As well as PhD in Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning) from Nanyang University, Zhimin was a Research fellow at Lee Kong Chian, and a Postdoctoral Associate at UPMC Pittsburgh.


Jeanne Mescallado
Country Manager Australia - Estimation

Jeanne is a licensed Philippine Civil Engineer (BSc) with more than 10 years' commercial experience. 


She leads our dedicated and experienced team of estimators for our Australian customers.

Stephen 2.png

Stephen Thomas
Senior Computer Vision & Machine Learning Engineer

With more than 20 years development experience, Stephen has led teams that have built ground breaking computer vision and machine learning solutions for customers all over the world.


Beren Grosser
Head of Training

A a certified trainer in Pryda, Multinail and Mitek estimating software with more than 20 years experience in the Australian building industry, Beren ensures our team members' training is second to none.

John 2.png

John Ocenar
Team Leader Australia

John has a Civil Engineering degree (Philippines BSc) and deep knowledge of Australian building requirements and best practices. He is an expert in Pryda software and assists with training our new team members. 


Melanie Caraan
Team Leader New Zealand - Estimation

Melanie is a licensed Philippine Civil Engineer (BSc). Together with two assistant team leaders, Melanie runs our large estimation operation for New Zealand.  She is passionate about continuous improvement and efficiency. 

"The BEDC team is like working with experienced
Aussie estimators

Matt D - Leading Australian truss manufacturer

Join the estimation revolution

Find out more about our technology platform and how we can help you improve
estimation speed and accuracy. 

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