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Next level estimation innovation

Our estimation technology drives greater efficiencies, enables robust workload prioritisation and safeguards your business against replication and errors. 

A full suite of estimation tools

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In addition to our estimation services, all Building Engineering & Design Co customers have access to the full breadth of estimation tools available in our technology platform. 

Run multiple tasks at the same time and save hours through automation. Optimizing your estimation process is as simple as one click with our technology platform. 

We are the only company globally offering these benefits and our full product development roadmap means more tools are coming. 

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One-Click Floor Plan Comparison

Compare variations to original plans, clearly highlighting any drawing and measurement changes within seconds. Saves time and reduces manual effort. 


Super Lots Tool.png

Super Lots Tool

Import all the plans you have previously estimated and check new plans against these to save replication of work. 

Estimate Complexity Measure.png

Estimate Complexity Measure

Scan every aspect of each plan in seconds to assess complexity, enabling you to prioritise work and ensure the appropriate level of focus is spent on complex jobs to help maximise margin. 

Join the estimation revolution

Find out more about our technology platform and how we can help you improve
estimation speed and accuracy. 

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The future of building estimation offers full building estimation solutions for truss, floor and frames utilising our leading-edge technology platform and team of industry experts.

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